The Half Marathon – Final Story and Playlist

I am done! I didn’t finish faster than last year like I wanted to, but I didn’t end up training and running the race on full either. Let me explain. Two weeks before the race I injured my left instep. I don’t think it was training alone, but rather training followed by 3-inch heels. Yes, I know. I learned. No heels while training. So I lost a week of training. 🙁

Follow that up with the big kicker: I sprained my left ankle about 2 miles from the finish. So that changed my goal. I finished. That became my goal. Below is part of my cheering team at the finish line. Thank you to everyone that supported me over the past few months as I trained and the day of. It meant more to me than I can ever express.

From Left: Katie, me, Aunt Marsha, Mom
From Left: Katie, me, Aunt Marsha, Mom

The night before the race I asked my Twitter friends for tunes to run to. So here is my list of songs. You can tell a lot about me by this list I guess, so enjoy.

  1. Let’s Go – Trick Daddy
  2. Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna
  3. Wild Ride – Kenny Chesney
  4. Til the Dawn – Drew Sidora
  5. Bite the Dust – The Pussycat Dolls
  6. Stronger – Kanye West
  7. Galmorous – Fergia
  8. I Wanna Be Bad – Willa Ford
  9. Milkshake – Kelis
  10. Move Bitch – Ludacris
  11. Never Again – Kelly Clarkson
  12. Radar – Britney Spears
  13. Pon de Replay – Rihanna
  14. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
  15. Shake Your Pom Pom – Missy Elliot
  16. Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna
  17. Send Me an Angel – Real Life
  18. If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins
  19. Extraordinary – Liz Phair
  20. Tamborine Remix – Eve ft. Missy Elliot, Fabulous
  21. Dirty Little Secret – Kelly Clarkson
  22. London Bridge – Fergie
  23. Get Back – Ludacris
  24. Addictive -Rakim
  25. Conga – Gloria Estefan
  26. The Scratch – 7 Year Bitch
  27. Stand Up – Ludacris
  28. The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim
  29. Single Ladies – Beyonce
  30. New Agenda – Janet Jackson
  31. Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
  32. Beautiful Day – U2
  33. Pump It – Black Eyed Peas
  34. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
  35. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit
  36. We Run This – Missy Elliot
  37. Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez
  38. Buck in Here – Akon Ft. Diddy & Ludacris
  39. Lace and Leather – Britney Spears
  40. Just Dance – Lady GaGa
  41. No Reins – Rascal Flatts
  42. You Can Do It – Ice Cube
  43. We Made It – Busta Rhymes


  1. I keep forgetting to leave a comment. I mean I read this post and vocally made a comment, but I guess this blog isn’t voice activated.

    So my comment was, “Oh I didn’t know you were into hip hop!”. And congrats on the marathon! I know you’ve been training for months.

  2. congrats, kate! great job accomplishing your goal even in the face of injury.

    btw, those are some pretty hype songs. i wonder how much time kelis’ “milkshake” helps to shave off one’s run?


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