WordStream: PPC Tool Review

Sometimes search marketers can sound much like a broken record, I am very guilty of that. One of the things I repeat constantly is that organization is the key to a great paid search campaign. Heard me say that recently did you? Hehe, sorry.

But it is true. Well a few months back I stumbled on a post at Marketing Pilgrim about a new PPC tool called WordStream. I wasn’t exactly pleased, especially because it was pegged as the way to automate search marketing. Automate? The human brain and how it reacts to the order of keywords, the meaning of a sentence? I was NOT buying it and made it known that I wasn’t buying it.

netgraviton_logoA few weeks went by, and I stopped thinking about it. Then I got an email from the Founder of WordStream asking for the chance to explain the product. Haha. Ummm, sure.

Have to say, while I was skeptical, it is actually a really nice product.

You have to understand I have never been one to use tools when dealing with paid search campaigns. Mainly because I always worked for “budget conscious” companies that thought I did everything, and in 2 hours a day. I mean that’s possible right? Managing 6 accounts, thousands of keywords each, along with the development, upkeep and optimization of 30 websites. And you think I’m kidding …

Back to WordStream … sorry I get distracted easily – and then I start telling stories …

So their thing is focusing on [duh duh duuuuhhh] the organization of your campaigns. Their program helps the search marketer drill down and organize their campaigns. The program then uses the PPC platform APIs to push the new structure into the live campaigns.

Wordstream is not only a bid management program – it does all the “normal stuff” too – but their system of assisting in campaign organization is what makes it unique. Some marketers can do this in their sleep, but for those that are doing multiple things with very little time, this system could be a godsend.

I have to give it to the staff at WordStream, they are highly dedicated to their product and each person I have been in contact has full faith that they are the best. I haven’t used to to it’s full extent, but so far I’d have to agree that they have found a niche that has not yet been explored and very valuable to the search marketer.

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