Caffeine is Good

186-019~Coffee-PostersI can’t drink coffee, I don’t like bitter drinks. This is also shown by my distaste of beer (*gasp* yes I said it, I hate beer). But when it comes down to really stressful times (thesis anyone?) I do start to drink more caffeine.

Now … that really isn’t what this post is about. Sorry.

Google Caffeine Update

Google’s caffeine push (nothing to do with coffee, unless the engineers named it for the mass amounts they consumed when programming) is all over the news. SEOs are running to find the differences, and clients are freaking out about any changes to their rankings. This wasn’t helped by a CIO article (which sparked a question from one of my clients).

So what is the big deal? Nothing. Yet.

Caffeine changes things, yes. But Google changes things all the time. This is just another attempt on their part to make search results better. You can see Google’s Matt Cutts talking about it on WebProNews. John Battelle suggests it has more to do with Real Time search than anything. I am personally holding back and waiting. But what it comes down to is:

If you have a good site, architecture, links, and content, you are fine. Stop running around trying to change things. Nothing about your site is going to have to be changed if you have a smart SEO running your site. The foundations of good SEO have not shifted.

In time, we will figure out what is different, what aspects might be a little more powerful in the algorithm, but that is a ways away. Need another reason to not worry? It’s not live yet. Google is allowing power users to point out any boo-boos. When this does go live, it’ll be in stages.

Keep creating good sites with great products, services, and linking portfolios, and you will be fine in the long run. Take short cuts … and this or another update might really affect you. If your SEO is really worried right now, ask them why. You might find out some things that you need to address for the health and safety of your own business years down the road. 🙂


  1. Well said, I think people are freaking out like when recently, Google announced that nofollow no longer passes Page Rank juice.

    Keep creating good sites with great products, services, and linking portfolios, and you will be fine in the long run.


    I could not agree more.

    Google’s business is to deliver relevant content. They cannot make money unless they do that. So as long as you offer good quality, useful, relevant content then you are fine.

    IMO, the biggest update with Caffeine is not really real time search, it is that Google is learning how to integrate social media in their algorithm since Social Media are slapping nofollows everywhere on the web, however user generated/shared content (UGC vs USC?) can be very relevant.

    my .02

    PS: The color of the font in your form is dreadful to the eyes. I like the new look though, haven’t been here in a while so I don’t know how long it was implemented. Kudos!

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