New iPhone – What Apps?

2089217649_d002b77377Picture this.

I’m in New York at SMX East 2008, my first speaking gig. I’m at dinner with some awesome people (including Brandy Eddings, Manda Otto, Scott Polk, Tony Adam, Carol Adam, Todd Friesen, Brent Payne, and Jonathan Dingman), and I look around when we are waiting for a table. Lo and behold, I am the only one without an iPhone. Seriously.

That was a year ago and the time has come to get one. I have been a loyal AT&T customer for almost 10 years. Yes. I’ve been through the AT&T –> Cingular –> AT&T (really SWBell) changes. I’ve gone through everything, and a year and a half ago, my car was stolen, phone in car. So I got a new one … extending my contract. The next year I went to SMX East. Been needing one ever since.

So August 20th is the first time I can update. I’m going into Apple THAT day.

So why do you care??

Hehe. I need your help. What apps do I need. Please comment and let me know. I have 3 days to prepare my list. Tell me what and why. 🙂 Thanks in advance!!


  1. Well first things first – welcome to the dark side 😉
    Second you have to get a Twitter app of course. TweetDeck I’ve heard is great because you can sync it with the web app now allowing your groups to carry between the two. I’m old school I guess cause I still use Tweetie. It does everything I need it to do including management of multiple accounts etc.
    Definitely the WP app…let’s you monitor comments on your posts away from the computer as well as even compose a short post via fancy new iPhone 🙂

  2. Consider me envious – my contract isn’t up until December 24 🙁 At least I know what I’m getting for Christmas!

    My coworker uses Tweetie and is pretty happy with it.

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