Ask from the Grave

There is a large amount of hoopla over the Google UI change. This post was inspired by one over at WordStream asking if Google was the new Bing. I’ll say what a few people have said already, but I have a little more ranting behind it as well. Google’s new look is not Bing, it’s Ask.

Matt Cutts Ask Zombie
2006 Matt Cutts as the Zombie Jeeves

A while ago (and we are talking years) at SMX Advanced 2007, the Google Dance Northwest to be exact, I watched as the Ask PR Director worked through the launch of Ask 3D. A few friends and I got a private tour of the new features, and I knew immediately that they were years ahead of their time. But they went and threw it all away.

(Funny enough, that night was when I first met Matt Cutts, who is in this picture. :P)

Now, even though it was proven to work better with users within the first few months, Google finally accepted it and is using the three column approach. It took Microsoft and Yahoo 2 years to adopt it, and Google 3 years. What does Ask get out of it? Nothing.

So I will say again. The Microsoft/Yahoo deal should not have happened. Instead, had Yahoo been smart, they would have bought Ask and AOL. *sigh* They might have tried, I don’t know, but what I do know is AOL, Ask and Yahoo are now all but dead. To Microsoft and Google … do you see the opportunity here? If you haven’t already, pick off the Ask talent. It’s being so wasted.



  1. Hi, Kate,

    Just to be clear, I agree with you that Google really wasn’t copying Microsoft here — there’s a question mark after “Google Is the New Bing?” in the title for a reason. 🙂


  2. Oh yeah, sorry, I figured people would read it. It was the title, and it’s how I came across the point other people were making about Ask.

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