17 Day Diet for SEOs

17 Day DietThere is a lot of buzz around the 17 Day Diet, a new fad where you change your eating habits every 17 days, for four rounds. I am not a fan of fad diets — been there, done that — but I do think there is a application to online marketing here. Many SEOs focus just on a few things, but it might be worth it to go on an SEO diet to where you change your tactics every 17 days.

I’ll outline a plan below but you can edit it as you please. The goal here is to change things up and get a more holistic approach to SEO. The more you change up your tactics, the more natural things can appear. So, without further adieu:

Round 1: Outreach and Guest Posting

Use the guest post search tips from my coworker Geoff Kenyon, and find bloggers in your space that allow guest posts. It’s fairly easy to do and a fantastic way to get links. This is the first step to building relationships as well, and those will come in handy later. Start by drafting a few posts and then working on contacting bloggers at the same time. By the end of your 17 days you should have a few posts live and maybe a few more ready to go live.

Round 2: Title Tag Research

After the outreach, head back to the foundation of SEO. Look at your site’s title tags. Depending on the size of your site, you can determine how in depth to go. First, address any duplicate titles you have. All of them. If you are running a site with millions of pages and 100,000 duplicate page titles, find an automated way of differentiating them. Trust me, it’s doable.

If you are good on duplicate title tags, move to identifying your top pages. Are there any missing? Why isn’t one of your top categories on there? Find the pages that should have top traffic and look at the title tag. If you only have a few static pages on your site, investigate them all. Do standard keyword research and make sure you are targeting the right key phrase to get the best traffic.

Round 3: Be the Resource

Remember those relationships you built with guest posting? Time to recontact those people. Hopefully their sites got all kinds of traffic from your content (you helped pushed those posts socially of course) and now they are emailing you for more! This time, get them to share their knowledge. Since they are in your space, their minds should be ripe with information your customers want to hear as well. Turn your blog into a resource by having top minds guest post for you and post some great information yourself. Be the resource and you will be.

Round 4: Think Social

So many of these rounds are social in that they are building relationships, but this last one, I want you to focus on being social on the big networks like Twitter and Facebook. If you have to choose one, go for Facebook. Reach out to your friends, get your 25 fans for your business page and claim your URL. If you can’t find friends to like you, buy an ad. I did that for a friend, took me 2 weeks with ads and $100. Done. But really do focus less on the friends and more on the conversation (it is a chicken/egg thing – you need fans first). Get out there and get people talking about you. SEO is marketing … the more people are talking about you, the more mentions and links you get.

And add Facebook comments to that awesome new blog.

Rinse and Repeat

So not like the diet, keep changing it up. There is no end to SEO. A #1 is not guaranteed in any market, so you should always be pushing to get more traffic and selling more. The only way to do that is to continually grow and reach out to more people. Hope you like the new 17 Day Diet.


  1. I like the analogy of the 17 day diet with SEO because you can’t approach either topic with a “quick fix” mentality, but you do things to jumpstart the process and get yourself moving.

    Thanks for the good read – I like how it’s broken down into nice bit-sized pieces that are easy to digest. (Okay, I need to get away from this analogy now…)

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