Sell me this dress ModCloth!

Updated (Like 2 hours later) – They’ve done it! The ad below goes to the Bossa Nova dress in the ad. <3 Thank you!

Dear ModCloth,

I love your Facebook ads, they are one of the few that work for me … repeatedly. I even bought one once, took it with me to Mexico and it was even borrowed from a friend! Great stuff.

On the left, myself and Lauren Polinsky. To the right, Kristy Bolsinger wearing the same Plum Role Dress.

ย andย 

There is an issue though. Those ads … they feature pretty dresses that catch my eye. I click … and am taken to the dresses page. The dress I loved is NOT THERE. I have to search for it.


Modcloth Facebook ad

Landing Page:

Modcloth Landing Page

No pretty blue dress. *sad face*

How to Fix This Issue and Sell More Dresses

Talk to your developers. Find some way to land on something like this:

Modcloth dress overlay

Or the product page (bonus you have suggested other products!). Maybe retrofit the landing page to be the product page but rather than suggested accessories, you suggest other dresses. Or add a call to action at the top of the page “see other dresses” or something more catchy.

Thank you for your time,

Kate Morris

PS I do love your products. Ordered another one the other day. But please make it easier!

Thanks to Lauren Polinsky for the photos from a great trip!


  1. I completely agree! I’ve stopped clicking on all Facebook ads simply because of the disappointment I face when I get to the landing page.

    But let’s kick it up a notch – why not land me on a specific page that welcomes me from Facebook and reminds me to like them so that I can get more updates every day. I mean, Dev already has to code the product to the page, why not personalize it even more? Two birds with one stone!!

    Glad the pics worked, you both looked super cute in that dress!

  2. AGREED!!!!! I’ve often had this same complaint – specifically about their site. I LOVE their clothes and they’re showing me something I obviously like so LET ME BUY IT!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    They’re definitely not the only retailer running ads like this though. It’s such a simple fix that would likely show them conversions going through the roof!!

    PS – I’m borrowing that dress again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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