Letting the Dogs Out: Image Search

Just making it known, I am testing something but if you’re up for an inspired post regardless, read on.

I have spent the last year working with an image powerhouse. The power of images is great, an untapped source of traffic for sure. I am a search marketer that is all about the conversion, but if all you want it traffic, images are just awesome and long tail. What’s just so sharable? Images. Why do you think we take data and make it pretty (ala infographics)? People love images. The most recent, not sure if it’s really the brain child of Paula Holmes Crimm, but maybe.

It Was Me. I Let The Dogs Out
Shared almost 2k times as of 5:12pm CDT

Really. How freaking cute. He/She let the dogs out. Took claim for the apparent mess it caused. You just want to kiss that puppy and the share it with all of your friends. I saw it this morning, reshared it, and 5 of my friends have done the same and not all from me.

Now the image search for this image. I figured “I let the dogs out” would do it.

Let the Dogs Out Image Search

Alas no. I may be wrong in the search or it might just not have been shared outside of FB yet. Therefore, Google hasn’t seen it. So I’m posting it. With good alt text and image name. Let’s see what happens and if I can get some traffic from it. </SEO>

Take Away for Search Marketers and Businesses

This small picture is being shared. There is no commerce behind it, no linking scheme, just an image. So I want to impart something I have seen as I’ve developed client infographics and link bait, don’t make it about you. Make it about users, your target market, the everyday user, the facebook user, whoever you want to see and share your content. Make it about them and they will share it. This does not have a 100% success rate (meaning making “viral linkbait” is still not possible to just create) but it does help get to the heart of the user and that might transfer down to the tip of their “share” finger.


  1. I never like sharing photos like this unless I know the person who originally posted it intended for people to share it. So I’ve done some searching and am surprised I can’t find the original. It may be because everyone is taking the blame on letting the dogs out. 😉 But, as you suggested, it should have shown up in Google’s image search.

    The image is out of Facebook. I received it in a Google+ post.

    So now this photo really has me curious. I’d love to know if you ever find the original poster.

  2. I would like to know where I could get copies of the poster, or whether it would be OK to make poster size copies for my high school. Our football team is named Bulldogs, and “Who let the dogs out?” is a favorite with our entire student body. If you have any other information on how to obtain the poster or permission, please tell me. I did find the image on google image search by looking first for Bulldog posters and prints and then adding the caption. However, there was no copyright information. But that is where I got the link to this site. I did get it from a friend on facebook. Thank you so much!

  3. So sorry, I didn’t see this comment until now. This isn’t my image and I don’t know who owns the copyright. I would guess though that as a school no one would worry about you making posters of this.

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