Airlines: Free Business Advice (PROFIT)

What do I do in the air? Complain.

No. This is not complaining, I love airlines. I get to a lot of places fast due to airlines. I especially love Alaska Air (no relationship with them). But there are some things I think that could make them better and in turn make them lots of money.


I’ve said this before, as have others: To have wifi bring in the most profit, power is required. I have a brand new Dell Vostro for work. Battery time: 2 hours. I took my MacBook to London in January as this one just won’t make the trip.

It turns out some of the airlines are working on it! Check out the news from American Airlines, Delta and United. What did I learn?

  1. American is listening and updating.
  2. Delta has it but you really need to pay the big bucks.
  3. United is working on it and tells you about the adapter.

Overall not bad. Alaska, please? Please? You are greater in so many other ways, just not in power. But what I am here to say is not about power, it’s another business idea. I hope someone takes this from me.

Food and Drink

I have been bumped to First Class all of twice now. Surreal experiences. Not the boarding, not the seats, not the coat hanging.

The Food.

I have been changing my eating habits over time to be more natural (read: real food, not just “organic”). I try to eat more meat and veggies than anything else. While traveling this is all but impossible – check any snack packs … all full of carbs in some form. And all processed food. Le Sigh.

First Class gets meat and veggies. A meal. Coach can buy food, but it’s a burger. *rage*

So here comes my idea: When people purchase a flight online, ask if they would like a meal like that. Charge a premium for that first class meal, but at least allow it. And while you are at it, ask if we know our snack and beverage choices yet so that you can ensure it’s available on the plane.

I can hear the cries now. Too much to negotiate, too many options, costs, etc. I’ve got this covered, I think.

  1. Availability – Asking the all passengers if they would like that meal (that you are already making and putting on the plane) gives you a head count. You know where we are sitting, it’s not hard to find us. The food can be confirmed on check-in. No food goes to waste. This means first class too.
  2. Cost – Talk to LSG Sky Chef or whoever and get a system in place. The plane is loaded with what is ordered. Have a deadline to order these meals. The drinks it just gives you a better idea of demand and the crew can load more Diet Coke if needed over Coke Zero. Getting this data over time will also let you see trends. More cost savings.
  3. First Class Privilege – They still get it free. Other passengers will pay a big premium to be allowed to do it. You charge us for leg room, to be at the front of the economy cabin, etc. Why not help all of us eat better and profit off of it?
  4. Time Savings – You know those passengers. Those that get 30 mins of connection. We run. Hard. Out of breath and holding our sides, we get to the gate and take the “walk of shame” down the aisle as the last on board. Not our fault but still we are holding up the plane. Did we get to eat? Nope. No snacks, no bathroom. You provide all of that, but badly. So some people take their sweet time getting on board … delaying the flight more. Keep your flights on time better by knowing what they want to have ready for them (especially on short connection flights). I don’t know about anyone else but I’d pay for having a bag of macadamia nuts and a bottle of water waiting for me after a tight connection.

So there it is. My idea. Do I think it’ll happen anytime soon? Nope. But I can dream.

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