About Kate Morris

kate morrisWell howdy! I’m Kate and I am a digital marketing consultant. I specialize in international search marketing, content creation, online marketing strategy, and search engine marketing.

My background is in marketing and advertising, mainly focusing on the internet side of things. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Marketing/Advertising from the Red McCombs School of Business. I had decided to focus early on the customer relationship aspect of marketing. I soon found that the world was changing rapidly (think Enron), and marketing was on the web. I got my MBA from Texas State University while working on my own as an independent consultant in SEO and PPC.

I fell into working in search via PPC with an internship at a small marketing firm. Their client wanted to try this new PPC stuff, so they stuck the intern on it. Lucky for me, I have never looked back. I tested the waters of general marketing at a Time and Attendance firm doing everything from brand marketing to web for them for a few years. Somehow I ended up just working on their website most of the time. 😉

I enjoy educating people on online marketing strategies and search engine marketing. I have spoken at a host of conferences including SMX, PubCon, Affiliate Summit, Seattle Interactive, and more. I am always open to new opportunities to teach others. We all learned this from someone else, so it is a joy to give back to the community through education. In fact, I was a past instructor the Internet Marketing Training program at The University of San Francisco. My joy is giving back to the community that taught me so much.

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