Kate Morris

Otherwise know as @katemorris.com by friends.


Kate Morris’s SMX East Presentations

I can’t publish my Give It Up slides just yet, but give me a month and I’ll post them here. But for those of you wanting the slides for Breaking Up with your Agency is Hard to do, I will post them in here for all to see. Please remember, I am not pushing you to leave your agency. Just as I said on WebmasterRadio, this was about making the transition easier when and if it does happen. There are some fantastic agencies and they are worth every penny.

It was great seeing everyone. I’ll post something a little longer this weekend, a recap of sorts. But for now, I am so thankful that Scott Polk and Lisa Barone pushed me to speak. It was beywond rewarding and I can’t wait to do it again at PubCon. And I have a discount code for PubCon if you want 20% off. Just let me know ;)


SMX East and the IM Charity Party

If you’re not tired of looking at my graduate school rant, I am. :) Time to talk about something else. What better than my impending trip to New York City for SMX East. I have the honor of speaking on two phenomenal panels: Give It Up: White Hat Edition (Wednesday) and Breaking Up (with your Agency) is Hard to Do (Monday).

I am going to be annoying friends and family this weekend preparing for those, adding examples, and other fun stuff. I am due in NYC Sunday evening and the plans have already started. Drinking with Pat (though he hasn’t talked to me yet … Pat … you not love me anymore?), dinner with Julie Sun, and the SearchBash with all my party buddies.

But the most important event of all? IM Charity Party

This party has always been the main event! You should have seen the one on San Jose. The pictures tell all the stories, but let’s just say there were pumpkins, hot women selling tickets, Loren Baker in a tool belt, and the awarding of a date with Neal Patel. If you’re going to SMX East, please make it a point to attend. It’s only $50, open bar, and all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. Trust me, you’ll want to be there!

IM Charity Party

Not going? Consider donating anyway. It’s a great cause!